Custom Mouldings and Cabinetry

Specializing in high quality Appalachian hardwood architectural mouldings, Appalachian Millworks & Cabinetry is ready to meet the expectations of the most discerning of clients. After straight – line ripping each blank, we utilize a modern IIDA Millennium 6 head moulder,  to give our customers the straight and true profiles demanded by meticulous craftsmen. Accurate positioning of this machine and recording of settings ensure the mouldings are within .015” every time, so one batch will match the next.

In addition to our locally available hardwoods, Appalachian Millworks & Cabinetry also has access to softwoods and imported exotic species. We do not mill MDF or Finger joint, but are able to supply these through partnerships with other suppliers.

In – house knife grinding allows us to duplicate any historical or newly created profile. This can be accomplished by mailing a short sample, emailing a scanned image, or through a CAD drawing. We can even take an old, beat up sample with many coats of paint. By the use of digitally tracing a scanned image, we can flatten a warped sample and get under the paint to recreate the original crisp edges.

We try to stock 14’ FAS lumber, whenever possible, to cut down on waste at the jobsite. There will be a percentage of shorter pieces, after defecting, but we try to deliver a package that will yield well and avoid as many joints as possible. Some species, such as Cherry, Walnut and Birch are not readily available in the longer lengths, making communication of actual requirements very important.

Price estimator is available. Please contact Charlie Lawson at 276--701-3572 or