Custom Mouldings and Cabinetry

At Appalachian Millworks & At Appalachian Millworks & Cabinetry our goal is to offer cabinetry that not only fits the needs and budget of every customer, but also fulfills the vision each customer has for their particular project. We are able to accomplish this by working with a number of different suppliers to find just the right materials to make your dream kitchen a reality! We also partner with other companies in this industry as necessary to find cost effective options as well.

Can’t find what you want in the store or even on the internet?? We’ve got that covered too! We can custom build cabinets for any room of your home. A custom cabinet job actually begins at the computer. With the aid of modern design software, a customer’s kitchen is drawn out and then presented in a 3D rendering thus enabling the customer to get a feel for what their kitchen will look like before the first piece of wood is cut. This feature can help work out any design issues before valuable dollars are invested. Our design software includes an optimizer feature which yields the maximum number parts from each sheet of material. From there we again turn to modern technology via our CNC router, which we use to precisely (and repeatedly) cut out each part, as well as yielding accurate joinery. (See a video of our CNC capability here.)

Because we are an Appalachian based company, we try to use wood and products that are grown and/or manufactured locally first and foremost. Furthermore, since we are an American owned company we strive to use domestically produced materials whenever possible. When imported products are called for, we will always use the best that the project budget will allow.

As part of our finishing process we use the toughest lacquers, varnishes, and UV cured finishes so your cabinets will not only function well for years to come, but will  look great doing it!